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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Wellington Witch Shops at Wal-Mart

There are a couple of witches who frequent Wal-Mart on Belvedere Road in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. I’ve seen them both myself. My daughter, husband and a few of my friends have seen these witches too. They are very strange looking women who do their grocery shopping there, attracting stares from all the customers.

The one that I have seen on several occasions dresses in a long, dark, forest green dress with a green, pointed hat. Her shoes curl up at the toes and her sleeves are striped. I’ve never seen anyone quite like her. I first saw her a few years back in the month of September. I know it was September because I thought to myself, “It’s a little early for Halloween, isn’t it?” It seemed like a joke, or as if the shoppers may have been on Candid Camera. However, this lady never cracked a smile, despite all the adults and kids giggling and pointing at her. She wears the same outfit each time I see her, and I wonder if she has a closet full of green witches dresses hanging neatly, with curly toed shoes all in a row on the floor. I even took a picture of her once, but I think she put a spell on it, as it miraculously vanished from my computer when I sat down to write this post.
There is another infamous witch, called the Wellington Witch who also visits the Royal Palm Beach Wal-Mart. I’ve seen this one too. She looks more like the traditional witch though, dressed entirely in black with a funny black hat. She actually wears what looks like black, combat boots. The Wellington Witch has been frequently seen in the Wellington/Royal Palm Beach area. She even has a Myspace page. People have taken her picture while she’s shopping and posted it on the Internet. The Buzz 103.1 radio station even posted a podcast all about this lady. Everyone says she is creepy, but I’m not afraid of her. In fact, the next time I see her in Wal-Mart, I may just introduce myself. What would you do if you came face to face with the Wellington Witch?


  1. If I came face to face with the Wellington Witch, I don't know how I'd react. As in most situations, I find it best not to say the first thing that comes to mind.

    "Do you wear that hat to hide your deformed flowerpot shaped head or are you just a trend setter?"

    I'm drawn to strange people so I'd probably follow her around the store, which might disturb her. She'd probably turn and say something to me, like,

    "Are you following me?" I would repeat in a parrot-like manner, "Are you you following me?"

    Eventually she would probably report being stalked to the store manager and I would pretend to not know what she was talking about in a very innocent way.

    Then I'd put one item in my cart (a snickers probably) and proceed to checkout.

  2. We should go to Wally World together webhands, because we would have a blast stalking the Wellington Witch. I'm available Sunday :-) Tres Leche baby!! Woo hoo!

  3. witches scare me... i much prefer werewolves. LOL

  4. Thankfully, I don't shop at that Wal-Mart so I probably won't ever see her. I see enough creepy people at work. :)

  5. Why are these "sightings" always at Wal-Mart??? Must be a very strange place to shop (considering all the emails I get with pics of people in all sorts of strange apparel shopping at Wal-Mart). So glad that I haven't been to a Wal-Mart for a long time. Who knows if someone with a cell phone camera would snap my pic (on a day that I am wearing plaids & stripes) and then it would be all over the internet! As for the "witch" part of it, we all know that there are good witches & bad witches!! If these ladies believe that they are really witches, it's probably part of their religious belief (Wican?), and if they are harmless, just doing their own thing, who am I to judge??? And Bonnie, if you want to do a Wal-mart stake out, count me in!! Tres Leche sounds good to me (and I'll have my camera ready!!) BTW, just saw a man the other day (crossing the street at Congress and 10th Ave.) who was wearing bright pink skinny (maybe) pajama jeans. Wish I had my camera to show everyone this good looking guy, walking with a friend, in neon pink tight pants!! Maybe it's a Palm Beach County thing! Happy hunting!!

  6. Very funny post Bonnie. I too have often wondered if I will have my photo unknowingly posted to the Wal-Martian page. Marty and I enjoy shopping there for the deals, but the people watching is the best. I said to Marty once, I wonder if people thing we look strange too. Looks are very subjective too. Those same people everyone view as strange probably think the entire world looks bizarre to them. Just sayin...

  7. Make it official:

  8. Bonnie, I have never heard of the Wellington Witch or Wal-Mart witches until now! I feel like I wouldn't know how to react if I saw them.. I may even be a little creeped out at first! But they are human just like you and me... right? I would like to say that I am pretty open to new people... whether a witch or not... but being honest... I'm not sure how accepting I would be of them. I think in order for me to want to befriend them we would need to have a friend in common to introduce us before I decided to talk to them.

  9. Laura, I heard that she's actually nice and that she is also a retired school teacher. I'm accepting of most people too, strange or not. I believe people should be accepted on the way they act, not the way they look. Thanks for commenting Laura :-)

  10. Hey, that witch may have been my ex-wife.

  11. her house was awesome - black and totally custom. She is a legend.